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Metal Deck Installation
on 4th FL, Structure.

BAQCC possess the experience to provided professional Metal Deck Installation for Sound Stages and Building structures Floors.

Metal deck installation refers to the process of installing metal decking as a structural component in construction projects. Metal decks are typically used as a base for poured concrete floors in buildings. Here are some key points to consider for metal deck installation:

1. Preparing the Structure: Before installing metal decking, the supporting structure must be prepared and inspected. This includes ensuring that the structural steel framing is in place and properly aligned.

2. Layout and Measurement: The layout of the metal deck sheets is determined based on architectural and structural drawings. Accurate measurements and markings are essential to ensure proper alignment and fit.

3. Fastening and Attachment: Metal decks are typically attached to the structural steel framing using welding, screws, or other mechanical fasteners. The exact method depends on the specific project requirements and design.

4. Safety Measures: During metal deck installation, it's important to prioritize safety. Workers should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries.

5. Deck Alignment and Leveling: Metal deck sheets should be carefully aligned and leveled during installation to ensure a flat and even surface for pouring concrete. This helps achieve the desired structural integrity and finishing quality.

6. Deck Seam Connections: Metal deck sheets are usually installed side by side, with overlapping edges that must be properly aligned and secured. This helps create a continuous and seamless surface.

7. Penetrations and Openings: Metal deck installation may involve cutting and fitting the deck sheets to accommodate penetrations for stairs, columns, or other openings. Careful planning and precise cutting are crucial to maintain structural integrity.

8. Temporary Bracing: Temporary bracing or shoring may be required during metal deck installation to provide additional support until the concrete is poured and cured. This helps prevent any deflection or displacement of the metal deck sheets.

9. Quality Control: Throughout the installation process, quality control measures should be implemented to ensure that the metal deck sheets are installed correctly and meet industry standards and specifications

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