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Cooper, Sound Stage.

With more than 60 soundstages throughout New York City, Broadway Stages is equipped to meet  television, film and music video production needs. BAQCC has proudly provided the Fabrication and Installation for some of these Sound Stages located in Brooklyn and Queens.

Structural steel framing for sound stages involves the use of steel as the primary material for constructing the framework of a sound stage. It offers several benefits, such as strength, durability, and flexibility, which are crucial for supporting the various components and equipment required for sound production.

Here are some key considerations for structural steel framing in sound stages:

1. Load-Bearing Elements: Structural steel columns and beams are used to support the weight of the sound stage, including lighting grids, trusses, and rigging equipment. These load-bearing elements provide stability and structural integrity to the entire framework.

2. Open Spans and High Ceilings: Sound stages often require large open spans and high ceilings to accommodate sets, lighting, and overhead equipment. Steel beams and trusses can span long distances, allowing for open floor plans and ample overhead clearance.

3. Rigidity and Stability: Steel framing offers excellent rigidity and stability, which is essential for sound stages to minimize vibrations and ensure a controlled acoustic environment. This is achieved through the use of diagonal bracing and other structural elements to resist lateral forces.

4. Flexibility and Customization: Steel framing allows for flexible and customizable configurations, making it easier to modify the sound stage layout or add additional features in the future. Steel members can be easily cut, welded, and bolted together to adapt to specific design requirements.

5. Integration of Services: Structural steel framing can accommodate the integration of electrical, HVAC, and other services within the framework. This allows for efficient routing and concealment of utility lines and ensures a clean and organized workspace.

6. Fire Protection: Fire-resistant coatings or fireproofing materials can be applied to the steel members to enhance their fire resistance. This helps mitigate the risk of fire damage within the sound stage.

When implementing structural steel framing for sound stages, it is crucial to work with experienced structural engineers and architects who understand the unique requirements of sound production facilities. They can design a safe and efficient steel framing system that meets industry standards and codes, ensuring the success of your sound stage project.

BAQCC’s team has a vast experience when it comes to the Fabrication and Installation of Structural Steel Framing for Sound Stages.

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